Security Policy

BitBlinx – Security Notice
The security of your assets be it fiat or Digital are of upmost importance to us. BitBlinx adheres to end to end security measures. Undertaking a continued auditing process and reducing the chance of any possible issues with our infrastructure. For this reason we choose not to disclose our security measures implemented on the platform for such security and proprietary reasons. User Account Protections are of utmost importance as such we comply with the latest security standards and techniques. In order to add a level of security for your account make sure to enable 2FA.
-2FA authentication
With 2FA enabled, you will add an extra layer of protection to your account: a one-time code that can only be generated on your smartphone.
-Withdrawal confirmation step
No single person can withdraw from a wallet without confirmation from email.
-IP address detection and monitor
Every login’s IP address will be monitored and recorded by BitBlinx to secure users’ accounts.
-Advanced API key permissions
BitBlinx allows users to create API keys with advanced read/write permissions on a per-feature basis. Use full power of the platform through our REST and WebSockets APIs.
-Secure personal information
All personally identifiable information about users are securely stored, including ID numbers, names, and identity document scans. Your passwords are also stored in hashed form. Except you, nobody can access your account.
-System Security
1. Protection against DDOS attacks
2. Automatic protection against distributed denial of service attacks to protect the user’s asset.
3. Automatic backup of the database
4. The system automatically backs up all the data in the database every few minutes
5. SSL-secured(https) protection
All web services happen over SSL-secured(https) channel
-Asset Security
1. Hot wallet
Only small percentage of our assets are stored in a hot wallet for daily operation in order to strengthen the protection of digital assets.
2. Cold wallet
Most of our funds are stored in offline cold wallets to prevent feature loss and funding from cold wallet requires multiple signatures from several high-level members.
-Trustworthy team
All of our team members pass a background check and receive technical security training and adhere to the company security policy.