How to Find Cryptocurrencies Predictions

Monday December 30, 2019
How to Find Cryptocurrencies Predictions

Predicting sometimes called forecasting in Crypto trading, is a way of determining the future value of cryptocurrencies. Contrary to popular opinion, cryptocurrency price prediction services are not exclusively used by beginner crypto traders only. We, at BitBlinx will be offering Webinars with weekly analysis. We need to remember that one should always make enough research to double-check different strategies.

Many experienced crypto traders also utilize crypto market forecasts. They get them from crypto prediction sites, and they used these in their every day trading strategies. This is because properly curated cryptocurrencies’ predictions enhance their trading actions.

No one, however, can predict the price of any cryptocurrency with absolute certainty. It is of utmost importance to understand that the Crypto price forecasts simply act as an expectation of what prices might possibly become in the future. They are not intended to be applied as investment advice.

Are Cryptocurrencies’ predictions useful for trading?

One of the most challenging moves for crypto newbies, while trading, is how and when to enter or exit a trade. A good crypto trade could end up becoming a bad cryptocurrency trade if the entry is too early. The same goes if it is too late, or if the exit is executed too early or too late.  Cryptocurrency predictions can, however, enable a trader to make an informed judgment on where to enter or exit the crypto market to minimize losses.

All currency prices generally oscillate in cycles. This means that if one looks at trading charts analytically, they can estimate what is “likely” to happen to prices over time. They calculate this based on the patterns and repetitions that have previously occurred and are currently unfolding in the crypto market.

This technique of predicting crypto market prices is however not an easy task for many beginner crypto-traders. It comes with a steep learning curve and the best crypto price predictions are the result of years of experience and professionality in analyzing not just the technical, but fundamental and psychological aspects of the cryptocurrency markets.

Here are 3 sites you can find the price predictions for cryptocurrencies.

If you, therefore, don’t have the time and mind to spend long hours deciphering cryptocurrency trading charts, then you might want to consider the following updates from a reliable crypto price forecasting site. This will help you double-check your trading decisions.

In the cryptocurrency world, information is power and any platform that can provide insights into where cryptocurrency prices are likely to be in the near future is a useful weapon every crypto investor should have in their trading arsenal. There are not many sites out there that provide this kind of info and your responsibility should be to choose a site that provides trusted cryptocurrency price forecasts. As we draw towards the end of 2019, the bitcoin price is currently at $7,602.712. There are some of the popular cryptocurrency price prediction sites with their Bitcoin price forecasts for January 2020:

1) Investing

This Investment news and prediction website mainly showcase cryptocurrencies and forex. Their forecasts are adjusted every day, and you have a wide amount of experts to choose from. So bookmark this site’s page and check regularly for the most up-to-date predictions and analysis. Investing offers price predictions for over 1400 cryptocurrencies with 3-year projections of the maximum, minimum, average price, and percentage change.
Today, many forecast that the price of Bitcoin will reach $6,785.421 by the beginning of January 2020. The expected maximum price in that period will be $8,472.074, a minimum price of $5,761.010. While the website claims it will be $6,777.659 at the end of that month.

2) Long Forecast

Long Forecast only showcases 15 most of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It provides 5-year projections of the monthly maximum, minimum price, and beginning & end-of-the-month prices of these coins but doesn’t project the average price.
Today, projects that the price of Bitcoin will reach $6,950 by the beginning of January 2020. The expected maximum price in that period will be $7,400, a minimum price of $5,958, while it will be $6,440 by end of that month.

3) Wallet Investor

This platform showcases a range of assets i.e. currencies, stocks, and cryptocurrency predictions. Wallet Investor provides 5-year projections minimum, maximum and average price of more than 3000 coins. It also has additional features like a community forum where registered members can interact and discuss with other peers to get more insight into the predictions.
Today, projects that the price of Bitcoin will reach $5,551.870 by the beginning of January 2020. The expected maximum price in that period will be $11,374.40, a minimum price of $4,158.330. While it will be $4,122.330 by end of that month.

The crypto market is volatile and since no human is a time-traveller, its impossible for anyone to know what the future cryptocurrencies´ market prices will be with 100% accuracy. Any prediction is just speculation based on some recurring patterns and influential factors currently unfolding in the industry.

If you want to know more about the price of Bitcoin and how it moves, check our article.

Nonetheless, forecasts are useful because they empower traders to make a more educated guess on what to expect. Hence enabling them to minimize the risk of entering or exiting crypto trades at the wrong time.